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Directory Listing & Citation Building

Our directory listing management service is all about getting your business listed on all of the major local directories.  These business directories include 100+ sites such as Yelp, Bing, YahooCitySearch, Apple Maps and many more.  This service gives us the ability to update your business information including photos, descriptions, services offered, bios, etc. to ensure your information is correct and consistent across the web.  Having clean and consistent business information across the internet builds credibility in both the eyes of potential customers and search engines.  Search engines such as Google reward businesses who have correct NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)  consistency across various sources on the web, by placing them higher in the search results.

Reputation Management

Businesses are often faced with inconsistency issues with their directory listings across the web, which can become inconsistent due to a variety of different reasons.  Search engines see business listings with only slight name, address, or phone number variations as separate businesses, which makes it vital to keep your information as consistent as possible.  As time goes on, large data aggregation companies collect your businesses information and sell it to various sources across the web.  Any misinformation they collect will be spread across the web, which often leaves business owners extremely frustrated and unable to manage their listings on their own.  Worry no longer, we are here to help!


Directory Listing Audit & Cleanup

A directory listing/citation audit is going through all of the external sources (directories)     that point to your website.  These directories are not only important for search engines,     they are an excellent way for potential customers to find information on your business, read reviews, and also leave reviews.  Having relevant and updated information on these directories helps potential customers find you, keeps a clear and concise image for your business across the web, and is used by the major search engines to identify your business.  The more relevant and consistent your information is across all of these sites  the higher your business will show up in the search results. We will build and manage these pages for you to ensure your pages are optimized properly, in the correct categories and are perfectly accurate.


NAP Consistency 

Below are examples of two different listings for the same business.  Search engines recognize these listings as two separate businesses which will actually hurt your search engine rankings.

WebHorse Marketing
10179 Bergin Rd. Howell, MI 48843
(810) 991-1452

WebHorse Marketing Specialists
10179 Bergin Rd. Howell, MI 48843
(810) 991-1452


What is the difference between manual audit services and software generated citation services?

Software generated services can work to help clean up your businesses listings, but they are nowhere near perfect tools.  Although they can help new incorrect information from spreading across the web, they typically are unable to remove old listings with incorrect information.  These software programs can however work very well for creating new consistent listings for your business.  In the event that your business has a great deal of inconsistent business listings, a manual clean up is often required.

Manual citation audits are performed by our team (real people), who are experts in locating and cleaning up every directory your business is listed with to create a 100% clean and consistent citation profile.  This is the only way to have complete control over your directory and ensure that your listings are free of errors, duplicates, and inconsistent information.  This is an extremely time consuming process that requires a great deal of knowledge on who to contact and how to get the listings cleaned up/removed and replaced with correct listings.


To learn more about our citation services and how they can improve your search rankings, click the "contact us" button below or give us a call.  We would love to discuss the potential benefits they can bring to your business and answer any questions your may have.