Review Monitoring



Customer reviews have a very strong impact on how others view your company when comparing your services to your competitors. Having multiple positive reviews can create an uplifting experience for new customers and can often be the deciding factor for prospective customers when searching for services you offer. However, negative reviews can be detrimental to a businesses reputation and can create very stressful situations for business owners.


Becoming immediately aware of new customer reviews can offer business owners a chance to respond quickly to any feedback, both positive and negative. Responding to negative feedback immediately is absolutely crucial, as it allows business owners the chance to respond in a positive manner, and potentially earn another opportunity to gain them as a customer and ultimately get the review taken down. It will also give you a chance to explain yourself and anyone who sees the review will be able to view your response. Responding to positive reviews is equally important as it shows the reviewer and new customers how much you appreciate the positive feedback.




An increase in overall satisfaction rating of 1-star (on a 5-star rating scale) has been shown to increase sales by over 20%

Our Review Monitoring Service


Worry no longer about searching through all of your directories across the web for new reviews and responding to them. With our review monitoring system we will immediately alert you when a new review is left from any of the review sites your business has a profile on. Even better, we can respond to the feedback for you so you don't have to worry about it! We will always inform you of the reviews immediately, whether you choose to respond yourself or have us do it for you is up to you.

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